Providing excellent customer experience in today’s economy is challenging. You are asked to deliver it all; savings, sustainability, quality performance and continuous improvement. Diversey understands these challenges. We know that you need more than just products to run a successful cleaning operation. As the industry leader, our innovative products, tools, and machines, technology and services, knowledge seamlessly integrate with our value added programs to deliver real operational efficiencies and optimize the performance of our customer’s operations.

What are the local challenges?

Sustainability isn’t just a global issue, it is a local issue.  This is why we have designed a simple cleaning solution that not only delivers a cleaner facility for our customers and staff, it helps protect the environment. This solution reduces chemical usage, reduces CO2 and energy usage and reduces water and wastage, whilst also ensuring the safety of the people and improving the cleanliness of the customer’s facilities every day.

Where should you start if you want to become more sustainable?

Sustainability is a large and broad concept and can be used in many different aspects.

There are many cleaning chemicals in the market that claim to be environmentally friendly. But not all options have the same benefits to support one’s sustainability goals. One should look at products and system which offer effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prevent overdosing and avoid chemical waste, reduce plastic waste and minimize transport volumes

To help our customer on their way, below are some of the tips to take the first step towards making cleaning more sustainable. You may choose what is more applicable for your organization!

Choose super concentrated products

Within cleaning products you can choose to use ready-made products or concentrated products. If you opt for concentrated products, you can reduce waste of 98.2% vs ready-to-use products. This is because ready to use products contain more water. With concentrated products, you add this water at your own location, where and when you will actually use the product. As a result, you have a lower the product volume per cleaning bucket, and you need less packaging material and a lower number of products need to be transported. Concentrated products also reduces the storage spaces.

Safety with products in a closed system

Safety and the sustainable employability of employees is also a way of doing business sustainably. Diversey often works with self-developed dosing systems. This way you do not come into contact with the pure chemistry of cleaning products. The system dilutes the products with water, so that the chemistry is no longer concentrate and is therefore safer to use.

Opt for certified products with an ecolabel

Products with ecolabel have been assessed by an independent body in terms of sustainability. To achieve an eco-labelling, the entire chain of a product is looked at, not just the raw materials and packaging of the product itself. The most well-known ecolabels in the field of cleaning are Green Seal, EU Ecolabel (Flower) and Cradle to Cradle.

Use a core range of products and system

By using a standard core ranges, you keep a clear overview of the cleaning products and system. There are less chance that the products will be misused, which can lead to problems. By working with a core range you need fewer products on site for a specific location and you can work well with a dosing system.

Use circular products made from food waste

If you want a circular product, use products from our SURE range. SURE is a complete range of cleaning and disinfecting agents for daily cleaning and hygiene that are plant-based and 100% biodegradable. They are available for kitchens, buildings and personal hygiene. SURE products are made of by-products from the agro-food industry, derived from sugar beet, corn, straw and coconut. As such, SURE products have no hazard symbols and are safe to use.

At Diversey, we believe that being environmentally responsible is critical for building a sustainable business and promoting human progress. We strive to drive excellence on this front by real time actions.