Sustainability and Super Concentrates for a Greener Future

Sustainability and Super Concentrates for a Greener Future Sustainability and Super Concentrates for a Greener Future
Deniz Alpaslan Head Shot
Senior Director - Marketing
Nov 27, 2023

Sustainability has been on the agenda for some years but how many businesses have truly embraced it by changing their processes to deliver the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit?

When it comes to sustainability, some hotels will be content to switch to products they consider to be more “environmentally friendly.” Sustainability is such an all-embracing subject that simply switching formulations can only ever deliver some of the potential benefits. Many housekeeping teams will want to go much further and embed sustainability into their business by changing the way they work and integrating more of their processes.

Adopting super concentrated cleaning products is a good example. Water is added at the point of use rather than at the factory, which means the amount of product required for a specific number of cleaning tasks is less than corresponding bulk and ready-to-use alternatives. More chemical and less water is carried on vehicles, which reduces the total road miles and carbon footprint of deliveries. Another benefit is that less packaging is required, which means fewer raw materials are consumed and less waste is generated. Ideally the packaging will be fully recyclable.

Super concentrates deliver the biggest sustainability benefits when used with dilution or dosing control equipment. This equipment removes the guesswork when preparing solutions to deliver consistency, eliminate waste and reduce costs. Further gains are made because solutions prepared consistently to the manufacturer’s specification reduce the need for expensive and time-consuming rewashes.

The J-fill system is a good example of one of the Diversey platforms designed to deliver super concentrates in a safe, simple and reliable way. The J-fill platform is the most innovative and versatile chemical dispensing platform in our industry today.


Why is J-Fill the Superior Platform?

  • Metering tip in every bottle

    • Prevents misuse, guarantees cost and eliminates clogged metered tips

  • Spill-Tite packaging

    • Significantly reduces the risk for chemical spillage and chemical exposure

  • Super & Hyper concentrated solutions

    • Delivers best-in-class product performance cost effectively

  • Full product portfolio

    • J-Fill offers more than 40 different products to clean in any application and environment

  • The J-Fill bottle can be used in a variety of unique dispensers

    • One bottle can be used in multiple dispensers to fit the need of any customer situation

This is a four product water valve operated dispensing unit that uses eductor-based technology. The J-Fill dispenser and the J-Fill packaging is a fully enclosed system with Spill-Tite technology that virtually eliminates the user from coming in contact with liquid concentrate. All four products can be dispensed into a bottle or a bucket by using the yellow selector valve (SmartValve™). Other benefits include:

  • The unit can be operated with one hand

  • Doors are lockable to prevent theft

  • Dispenser is durable, light weight and easy to install

  • Changing super concentrate chemicals is fast and simple

  • OSHPD certificate for secure mounting that meet seismic building code standards

  • Dispenser is ASSE 1055-B approved for backflow prevention.

  • Engineered for accurate dilutions.


For more information about the Diversey J-fill platform visit our Dilution Control Page.