Soft Care Sensations: Dispensed Amenities That Care For Your Guests While Respecting The Environment.

Soft Care Sensations conveys an image of quality and exclusivity, enhancing the style of any hotel. Guests will trust the brands that they recognize from home. The design will complement any of your bathroom fittings. The system can be upgraded to further enhance its surroundings by incorporating a cover that slides over the bottle. The wall-mounted amenity system has been extensively tested to ensure ease of handling and maximum durability. Globally Communities are starting to pursue a strategy to reduce the environmental impact of all disposable products, starting with single-use plastics. Soft Care Sensations is an environmentally friendly system that will help you significantly reduce plastic waste.


Lapē CollectionElevate Everyday Moments Into A Peaceful, Luxurious Multi-sensory Experience.

With its fragrant aromas inspired by the natural world, the LAPĒ Collection elevates everyday moments into luxurious, multi-sensory experiences designed to enrich both body and soul. Contemporary design, delicate fragrances, and skin care ingredients combine to pamper your guests every time they use your washroom and create a pleasing association between their guest experience and your establishment.