Sumabrite Veg & fruit wash Wash

Sumabrite Veg & Fruit wash is a product developed specifically to sanitise all raw produce (fruits and vegetables). Its unique formulation brings with it a host of benefits unlike other vegetable and fruit washes available in the market.

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  • Backed by pioneering research and formulated with ingredients that efficiently cleanse fruits and vegetables, the wash solution can be used without the need to rinse, saving precious water. in short it is an actual veg & fruit wash
  • One-of-a-kind organic composition that makes it safe to use on mushrooms and cut vegetables
  • A formula specially designed with organic actives. No colour, harmful chemicals or added preservatives.
  • Does not alter the taste or aroma of the treated produce. A non-chlorinated, soap-free solution
  • Makes 80 litres of wash solution. Solution is effective up to 8 hours, making the formula user-friendly & economic.
  • Sumabrite%20Veg%20and%20Fruit%20wash%20500%20ml%20Front2000x2000.jpg
  • Sumabrite%20Veg%20and%20Fruit%20wash%20500%20ml%20Front2000x2000.jpg

Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Rinse: Wash the fruits and vegetables to remove any visible dirt Dilute: Take 25ml of the product in a measuring cup & add to 4 litres of water Soak/Scrub: Soak in solution for 30 seconds. Remove and ready to use/store