Sumabrite Grill and Oven Cleaner

Sumabrite Grill and Oven cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaner for removal of heavy carbonaceous and baked-on deposits from equipments like ovens, grills, fryers, hot-plates, etc.

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  • Fully formulated for optimal performance
  • Increases efficiency by reducing energy consumption of equipment
  • Helps remove heavy carbonaceous and baked-on deposits
  • Non-perfumed. Leaves no taint or smell on cleansed items
  • Increases life expectancy of equipments and Ensures hygienic compliant
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  • sumabrite%20Grill%20and%20Oven%20Cleaner%20%28Front%292000x2000.jpg
  • sumabrite%20Grill%20and%20Oven%20Cleaner%20%28Front%292000x2000.jpg

Specs & Application Instructions:

  • OVENS / GRILLS Pour the product into a spray bottle. Set temp at 60 degree Celcius. Spray neat. Leave for 10-30 min depending upon the soiling.* Remove loose deposits with scourer or brush and rinse early. Rinse x2 . Allow to air dry. *Caution: Please ensure areas are properly ventilated else fumes may be created
  • FRYER CLEANING Drain oil and close drain valve. Fill with water to almost oil- fill level. Add 100 ml. of the product for every litre of oil capacity (10% v/v). Turn on fryer and bring to controlled boil for 20 min. After cleaning and draining, scrub the remaining residue from side walls and heating elements with a scourer or brush. Rinse twice with clean, hot water and dry thoroughly.N.B. Not recommended for teflon coated surfaces.
  • Ideal for cleaning of Ovens, Grills, Fryers, Hotplates
2 x 4L
Brown to dark brown clear liquid