Diversey Hygienizer Kit

The Kit has been designed to assist each individual to maintain personal hygiene and ensure sanitization in their designated seating areas/cubicles in addition to the cleaning procedures carried out every day by the office housekeeping staff. The kit is a step in helping to counter the threat of Covid -19 lurking around us providing high levels of sanitization in the most effective manner. 1 X Hygienizer Kit Containing:1 X 200 ml bottle SoftCare Rinse free hand sanitizer1 X 500 ml spray bottle with trigger Oxivir RTU Liquid Spray20X25 cm (25no) Dry Wipes

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  • SoftCare Rinse free hand sanitizer : 1 X 200 ml bottle of >70% alcohol based hand sanitizer
  • Oxivir RTU Liquid: Next generation ready to use single step disinfectant liquid cleaner based on proprietary AHP technology.
  • Dry wipes : 20 X 25 cm (25 nos.) 100% Polyester 35 GSM Wipes
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  • Hygienizer%20Kit%20Packshot%202020%20%281%292000x2000.jpg
  • Hygienizer%20Kit%20Packshot%202020%20%281%292000x2000.jpg
  • Hygienizer%20Kit%20Packshot%202020%20Dry%20Wipes2000x2000.jpg

Specs & Application Instructions:

  • 1. Open the Diversey Hygienizer Kit. 2. Remove the Oxivir RTU Spray bottle. 3. Remove onesheet of the pre folded dry wipe. 4. Fold the dry wipe once. 5. Turn the knob of the spraybottle on and spray the liquid on to the wipe (4/5 sprays) ensuring uniform spread on thewipe surface. 6. Wipe parts of nonporous surfaces like desk/computer peripherals, chairhandles, telephone, keyboards etc. and allow to air dry. 7. Use different sides of the wipe andfor each side use 4/5 sprays. 8. Dispose the wipes. 9. Turn the knob of spray bottle to offmode and put it back in the kit. 10. Once desk cleaning is complete please apply 2/3ml ofSoftCare Rinse free hand sanitizer on your palms for personal hand sanitization
  • Note: 1. For external use only. 2. Not for food contact surfaces 3. Product is not intended to be used on porous surfaces and computer peripherals. 4. Direct inhalation of vapours should to be avoided. 5. Don't spray Oxivir RTU on skin.