Crew Bathroom Cleaner and Descaler

Crew Bathroom cleaner and descaler is a fully formulated cleaner for cleaning all fittingsand walls in the bathroom viz. sink, tub, tiles and fittings. It is specifically formulated foruse in hard water conditions.Regular usage of prevents scale deposition on ® Crew Bathroom cleaner and descalerwalls and fittings.

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  • Does not contain any abrasives, hence will not scratch bathroom surfaces
  • Contains actives to prevent scale deposition and ensure scale removal. Hence it is ideally suited for use in hard water locations
  • Concentrated for economy of use
  • Quickly removes oil, stains, dirt and water marks and deodorizes
  • Bathroom-Cleaner-and-Descaler.-1-Litre%20front2000x2000.jpg
  • Bathroom-Cleaner-and-Descaler.-1-Litre%20front2000x2000.jpg
  • Bathroom-Cleaner-and-Descaler.-1-Litre%20front2000x2000.jpg

Specs & Application Instructions:

  • For normal soiling : 15 ml in 1 litre of water.Pour 15 ml product in 1 L water in the bucket. Fill a spray bottle with the solution and spray on to clean cloth/sponge Apply to all surfaces to be cleaned (sink, tub, tile). Mildly scrub to remove dirt, stains, etc. Clean taps, soap holders and other metal surfaces thoroughly. Rinse with plain water. Clean and wipe flush handle, toilet seat cover and outer bowl after cleaning toilet bowl. Polish all metal surfaces with a dry cloth leaving them clean and smear free. For day-to-day maintenance spray- and-wipe method can be used. Important : Do not use on acid-sensitive surfaces. Rinse and dry hands after use
  • Ideal for fitting, tiles, sinks tubs
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